The need for recycling increases with each passing day. Every cataclysm in nature suggests that the human damage to it is extremely great. For this reason, we have focused our efforts on building a waste recycling company. We decided to contribute to the good of our planet by providing an innovative eco-product RVM – a recycling machine for plastic, aluminum and steel.

We know that together with the entire population, which is an important factor in the redistribution of huge waste that is done annually, we can make the environment better and the air cleaner. This initiative, called GREEN, is the best retransmission solution.

How is OUR machine used?

At first glance, recycling seems like a complicated process, but not with the right machine. That is why we offer you a good technology that will be easy to manage.

For even greater visibility, the machine actually works by scanning barcodes, materials or waste form for reuse. This will automatically identify the type of packaging. Then sorting of the different wastes by type occurs. 


Put the waste in front of the machine chute.


Now you just have to press the start button located in front of the machine.


Stay with the machine until the receipt for the volume of recycled waste. It’s almost the same as working with an ATM – it’s easy, fast and convenient. There are points at which the value of recycled box office waste can be redeemed.

We Are Professional & Carefully

Why a reverse vending machine?

Advantages are many, both for consumers and for the environment and for business:

  • users throw their PET bottles and other waste, and in return receive royalties
  • larger part of the population recycles waste, the less junk will absorb nature annually (landfill volume will decrease dramatically) 
  • Much of the packaging used in everyday life can be collected and transformed into materials returned to production. Many people can then benefit from buying products (clothing, etc.) that are wholly or partially eco-produced.

All of these benefits are interrelated, so all participants must think in one direction. The GREEN mission is very important for the life of every human being on this planet, because no one can fight nature. In order to avoid serious consequences, the recycling of waste materials must become a goal for every individual consumer, and the use of recycled materials a primary goal for more and more businesses. 

We believe that the most important thing is to help ourselves together – for a better life and a cleaner nature. Throw away your junk and save money in return! It’s not that complicated, it just requires a little discipline that will come back as a multiple benefit. Support our initiative for more green and vibrant space!

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