About Us

About Reinvend.eco

We are Reinvend.eco and our goal is to support the recycling process all around the world. Our RVMs are high-tech systems that provide great convenience to many local communities, countries, businesses, etc. The changing world is there, and we are always “up-to-date with the trends” because our mission is to respond to your every need.

Reinvend.eco is a company that manufactures, supplies and implements reverse vending machines in various locations. Our projections work through an automatic system. There is a high quality and efficient technology with attractive design and desired size to meet the needs of every industry.

What we can offer you about terminals is a full range of services:

  • Manufacturing
  • Installation
  • Maintenance
  • Custom software
  • Logistic implementation
  • Delivery and on-site deployment
  • Remote support 24/7
  • Local support

Our work does not end with the delivery of the RVM, but while you work with us. That’s why you get an up-to-date, reliable and well-functioning terminal for trouble-free service at all times. We have achieved a high level of service thanks to a lot of effort and continuous development, so we guarantee the efficient delivery and maintenance of the available number of RVM machines.

We strive to achieve global leadership in the RVM implementation market. We work with a skilled and experienced team, investing resources continuously to maintain current high quality as well as possible technology innovations.

Lockers of Reinvend.eco is manufacturable from ustochivi quality materials with a high degree of security and protection from theft. This means that their available space is irrelevant so that they can be installed and serviced 24/7 in an urban environment. In addition, we deliver and implement terminals to many other locations, such as office buildings, university campuses, residential buildings, large shops and shopping malls, amusement parks, and more.

The scales in which Reinvend can be placed are many and varied, but the security, reliability and efficiency are equally good. It is important that you specify your needs, and we will offer you the best RVM solution because the system can be personalized.

Reinvend.eco is our smart and reverse vending machine service for every small, medium and large retail business!

Radoslava Georgieva
Sales Specialist
Valentin Shivaroff
Director EU & AMER
Dzhemal Salih
Director APAC & EMEA
Kate Davidkova
Head of Business Development