How It Works

What is a reverse vending machine?

RVM is a system that processes metal, plastic and other packaging in an instant. They go back into production as raw materials to create new products for consumers. The system has proven to be an undeniable success worldwide, and our customers are more than satisfied. This unsurpassed revolution is the success that business, the average consumer and most of all the environment, needed. 

We have a reliable and compact recycling system that can be installed almost anywhere. Its application is large, and is most needed where many people go daily. Such facilities are schools, office buildings, railway lines, metro stations, airports, manufacturing, etc. 

We are ready to meet your every requirement in the name of a good cause worldwide. We can explain to you the way you work, the support and everything that excites you. Contact us and you will be best served. 

Recycling is done at a fast rate, and the use of the machine is extremely elementary – putting the waste in the chute and pushing the button. Even children do this task. 

24 X 7 Continuous operation

Our goal is to provide an opportunity for recycling at any time, ie. 24/7 around the clock. That is why more systems are located outdoors so everyone can take advantage of this opportunity. The machine stops working only when there is a problem that needs to be resolved as quickly as possible. Such are the signals for the overflow bin. printing error and redeeming coupons and more. 

Easy to use and safe for consumers

Recycling is easy, convenient, safe and fast. The procedure is as follows – putting the bottle in the chute, pressing and ready processing of the material. There are also rewards for consumers – in different forms (Coupons, E-Wallets, Points, etc.)


Touchscreen contributes to a more beautiful and elegant look that draws consumers in to recycle even more. Automatic waste processing is so easy with one touch of a fingertip.

Object verification

technology This type of technology is very useful because it identifies non-recyclable items. All this is possible through the touch screen at the disposal of the machine. 

One-touch controls

Technology is evolving and we are using the moment to provide you with all the comforts included in an RVM. What is a one-touch control feature where the owner can control at any time with just the tip of his fingers. 

Error recognition technology The

intuitive machine is like a “thinking person” who warns about the occurrence of various mistakes. In order not to interrupt the process of work and customer service, the system recognizes the presence of a problem and signals even before it occurs. Thus, the permit is made at this stage and there is no inconvenience for those who want to recycle waste continuously. 

Shutdown technology

Ensuring operational safety is a priority in our company, so our RVM has smart technology enabled for this purpose. If there is a problem detected, it will automatically shut down. It also has an overload control feature when using it.

Reward system

Recycling is a cause, but anyone can also benefit from the extra rewards we offer. By collecting coupons over time, you could benefit from a good bargain on shopping or exchange money in real money.


In spite of all the advantages and technologies available to the machine, we have professional service technicians and support services. Our mission is to provide you with complete high-quality service for trouble-free operation.