Installation & Maintenance

The recycling machine, or RVM, is a technology that has proven to work well over the years. It has been in use for five decades, with a huge number of machines being deployed worldwide today. Their location is where they often get crowded (airports, schools, bus stops, office buildings, etc.), as well as at specific points that will serve the business when they produce and dispose of a number of waste. That is why every ordinary user can collect separately their belongings, which they throw away, and place them in the container intended for the specific material. 

Recycling should become everyone’s mission, not simply bypassing compact recycling machines or external containers for separate collection. The vending machines are extremely useful and highly recommended for use whenever possible. The future is focused on installing more recycling machines so that many of the recycled materials can be reused in production rather than lost. 

Our work is dynamic and we are ready to do what we can to implement recycling machines on a daily basis to serve consumers and businesses. He wants to contribute to a greener planet and to create a very valuable habit for the entire population – maximum recycling. 


Installation of the RVM is our responsibility, so you are not concerned. The only requirement is to conclude a contract and agree on the day on which the machine is implemented. We assign this important task to our personal employees because we know that they have the necessary training and are well versed in the work process. 

Our skilled and experienced technicians in the installation of recycling machines will ensure that the system is properly and securely installed. All this has been associated with years of trouble-free and efficient operation. The machines are installed in a relatively short time, within a day, and then start working. 

The technical drawings are featured in a dedicated RVM Systems customer relationship manager so they will always be available. We value your reputation, so be sure that no problems arise.

We are proud that so many customers are taking the step to install recycling machines for a better future. Providing more and more of such services is a reward as the population begins to think of a better direction. 


Maintenance can be considered in two ways – regular cleaning and collection of recyclable materials, as well as troubleshooting. Both options can be acted upon quickly and the process is not particularly complicated. 

Training of regular maintenance personnel

As it became clear, our employees are responsible for installing the machine on the day and time when the appointment is made. At the same time after the installation is completed, our staff will provide you with an introductory training on how to work and maintain regular maintenance. Of course, then, if you have any questions, you can always contact us. We are responsible for and will assist you with everything related to the machine throughout the entire contract you have entered into with us. 

The training is standard and includes the task of cleaning and troubleshooting some minor issues that you would not find difficult. Cleaning may be performed periodically or when the machine indicates that it is overcrowded and needs your cleaning. Our entire team works to your advantage to minimize problems and maximize the quality of customer service.

Repair services

Our services and communication do not end with the installation of the desired recycling machine. We take care of our customers by assisting them in any matter that arises. That is why we also offer repair activities within a few days (as soon as possible). 

Don’t miss the important details of contacting us right away to resolve the issue. We will assist you as soon as possible to resolve the issue. Usually such cases are rare, but we are on our way!