A number of manufacturers in the food and other industries are eager to replace some biodegradable packaging. Work is moving in this direction, but there is still a widespread use of plastic bottles, cans, and others that could come in as reusable raw materials. Recycling machines, which could be installed in many different locations, are for this purpose. One of the key points where many people cross daily are railways and metro stations. 

Railway / Metro Stations

We are a company that aims to promote recycling in the country. We offer you a great opportunity with our compact RVM, which can be installed just about anywhere, and is more than necessary for rail and subway stations. The way it works is easy – any traveler can put his or her plastic bottle or metal box in the hole for that purpose. 

For even more recycling incentives, a number of train stations and subway stations offer discount coupons or cash rewards for any good work. This is an option that can save everyone the cost, while at the same time feeling satisfied that he or she has contributed some of the raw materials used in the production of clothing, bags, rugs and more.


Recycling machines to amusement parks is a common practice. A number of managers and owners see the effect only a few days after installing the RVM. The benefits and benefits of the system are many, but the best part is that we can also offer you an intuitive design that will further attract attention so that no bottle or material can be missed. 

We are in favor of all variants and number of assembly machines because our company accepts recycling for a good cause that anyone can get involved with. It is worth the investment, be sure to join the recycling group!

Why is it worth investing in our RVMs?

Machine with high performance

Rapid adoption to 60 bottles or cans per minute

CCTV cameras

Recycling machine has a surveillance camera, which aims to monitor the state of the environment and act against bullies or intruders.

Anti-graffiti coating

The machine is coated with anti-graffiti coating, which means that any paint can be easily cleaned.

Presence of glass, offered as a basic standard function

The machine has a reliable glass module. There is an option to use it initially or to switch it on at a later stage.

Quick recognition

There is a 360 ° sensor field and 9900 scans on the second.

Low maintenance costs

The benefits in this regard are many. Provide you with easy maintenance, quick access to essential parts and less repair time to keep your workflow running.

Low Low operating costs

System is designed with a 49 “display. 

High compression – compressor

It is an efficient top-level used and new generation. Enables maximum compression as well as enhancement of compressor capacity and durability.

Additional benefits

Installation by our technicians

We send experts to the amusement park address to place the ordered RVM number. They will make sure that happens throughout the day. Machine operation starts at the time of installation. No time will be wasted serving the park visitors who wish to recycle.  

Training for Maintenance and Regular Maintenance

Despite our good suggestions for regular maintenance and prevention, our experts will still provide training for the technical staff responsible for the maintenance of the amusement park. Once you understand how the machine works, you can decide whether you can handle it yourself or need our help. We are all about remote control as well as prevention, diagnostics, repairs and on-site cleaning. 

Option to choose from various programs for our continued support

Our responsibility for the operation of recycling machines does not end with their installation. To minimize your concerns about follow-up support, we offer an effective service program. The choice of plan type is entirely yours, according to your needs. We work optimally to ensure that each and every one of you can provide a seamless recycling experience to visitors going through the amusement park. 

The agreement between you and our company depends on the level of service and access of our experts to the RVM to take care of prevention, diagnosis and troubleshooting. 

Here’s how to summarize the capabilities of the various RVM support programs located in the amusement parks :

  • Basic program – this is the main program that includes one software update per year, as well as remote support and average response time from eight hours.
  • Additional services – a preventive maintenance cleanings twice a year, one mandatory software update, remote maintenance and an average response time of eight hours
  • Premium servicetwo preventive mainten ki, two additional cleanings per year (total of four), a software update RVM year average response time of four hours and remote maintenance course, all further preventive measures, etc. are also our best, just alert us to your needs.