RVM Support


If you decide to implement an RVM, we are happy to assist you fully. Installation is ours and the process is relatively quick because our employees are qualified and competent. So no need to worry about installation, we will not delegate this task to you. It is important for us to guarantee you peace of mind and trouble-free operation of the recycling machine so that more people can switch to such a “green” way of disposing of a lot of waste.

Installation of the recycling system is subject to prior agreement between the customer and our employees. Experts guarantee that the machine will work properly and safely for many years upon leaving the site. The recycling process can start on the day it is placed. Installation also takes place within one day. Each client will then have access to detailed drawings and a dedicated liaison manager.

We hold the good reputation that we have built up among our customers so you have nothing to worry about. You will receive complete installation assistance to enable reliable recycling on a daily basis. 

We can call ourselves lucky that we create nooks and crannies for recycling so many key cities. The elimination of the need for new raw materials, and the use of processed materials, saves a lot of costs and has a favorable environmental impact. 

We welcome customers to this step, get involved if you are not already!

Staff training

After performing the effective installation of the RVM system, our experts will train the part of the staff who will be most involved with machine maintenance. In addition to this help on how to use the machine and some other more basic things, each customer receives additional support support during the contract with our company. 

What you will be familiar with initially includes basic activities such as:

  • how to use the machine,
  • how to clean it,
  • how to troubleshoot small issues that you can easily handle, etc.


All this is done in order not to miss a time in which you cannot offer excellent customer service.