What is Reverse Vending?

What is reverse vending?

A large part of the population is familiar with the function of recycling machines, namely the transformation of various wastes (plastic, aluminum, metal) into materials that can be used back in production. These machines are often referred to as RVMs and are also known as buying machines, bottle recycling machines, other packaging recycling machines, etc.

A number of households, office buildings and businesses throw away a huge amount of bottles, cans, cans, cans and more every day and year that can be put back into production. Aside from the fact that waste pollution is decreasing globally, it also has benefits for the end user – it can often receive a refund based on the type and volume of garbage that each has submitted for recycling. 

Recycling systems are an automatic and easy way to collect, sort and recycle packaging that you would discard. The installation of RVM is increasingly common because the scale of recycling projects has increased many times over the years. They are found in regions with legislation on the deposit of containers or in areas where the legislation requires mandatory recycling.

Why use a recycling machine?

If you want to be a part of the eco life on this planet, have a chance to buy more products made from reused materials, or create ones, then recycling should be your way of life. These machines are part of container deposit systems. Continue the recycling chain, whether you are an end user or a business.

Recycling process do not require and great efforts, but leads to much better results in the future. Be sure to bring your empty bottles and cans to the most convenient gearbox for you.

Extremely useful system for environmental cleanliness:

  • Availability of individual containers by type of material (PET, glass, aluminum)
  • Provide clean and quality materials that can be reused to make new products
  • Reduces the need for many raw materials to make additional containers and the need for landfills
  • Preserving the purity of nature and its richness

Convenience for end users:

  • Each user can put several packages in the recycle bin (instead of in a recycle bin) – for example, by going out to the grocery store and eating something that is recyclable.
  • Machines work quickly and cleanly so that the process is not unpleasant 
  • . Some regions provide users with an opportunity to donate to a charity, an electronic money transfer, in the form of a food voucher, etc.
  • Recyclers agents can shape a better environment

Efficient business:

  • Reduce the time and effort of workers for manual processing and counting of containers
  • Bigger storage capacity of materials and reducing the need for transportation of containers
  • concentrated work of the employees on the other, -Important tasks
  • Ensure that recycling stations occupy less physical space on site
  • Easy handling, cleaning and repair of machines
  • Reduction of certain key expenses

Choose RVM as your standard of living and workflow

You can rely entirely on us for your need to install recycling machines. Your plastic bottles, aluminum and metal scrap can be converted into valuable raw materials for new products. 

The operation of the machine is automatic, the design innovative, and the size adjustable. In addition to the many benefits of the machine, it also creates a number of amenities for those who choose to commit to a “green” lifestyle and work. A huge amount of containers collect tons of waste material that still has “life”.

Easy maintenance

Easy To Use and Easy Cleaning

Cost saving on more expensive raw materials, materials and storage capacity

Restrict a number of manual and other processes